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Recently, during a nine hour long print production cycle, full of design work, printing, and a boat-load of xacto cutting, I found my grievously bored mind reflecting on past titles. What I mean by "titles" are the names or things by which I have identified myself as being or aspiring to be in the past. My earliest memory of identifying myself as this or that is of titling myself a "boy" (because "I have a wiener," as I recall announcing to another child). In middle school came the professional aspirations. I had an obsession with dogs, so I deduced that I should be a veterinarian. That stuck for a few years until teenage apathy overtook me and I didn't really want to be anything- I just wanted to have fun, play music, and be with my friends. As high school graduation loomed and soon overtook me, I found myself (as many young people do now days) in an odd state of panic- trying to decide what I wanted to be for the rest of my life in a short amount of time before my first college semester the next fall. Forensic Analyst? Sure, I do like CSI. Psychologist? I do like reading about psychopaths and helping people. Tattoo artist? I do like drawing full sleeves on myself with sharpies. Needless to say, I called myself something different every year from when I was 19 to 21. When I was 21 I found my calling- to "be an artist." My pursuit of this was very focussed whilst in my second round of undergraduate school. Never had I felt so strongly about who I was and was supposed to be. I was supposed to learn how to draw and paint well in order to create things that expressed beauty, ideas, and stories. I found that I favored concept art and illustration, so when people asked "what I did" I would answer- "I'm an artist, and I want to be a concept artist." I created a huge art show for my senior thesis that was a big success. One could imagine that I was a little more than shocked to find, post graduation, that my artistic skills and artwork had little to no place in the "real world" as something of professional value. I found work where I could and soon found myself trying to redeem the identity lost by spewing out " I'm a barista- but I am a freelance artist on the side." when people asked me what I did for a living (phew- saved that one. Nope. :/ ) Hours and hours of work were put towards improving as a digital artist in the hope that one day I could really be what I called myself. Little did I know that a couple years later I would be a father and calling myself a "graphic artist;" a term I wouldn't be caught dead identifying myself as when I was an aspiring concept artist. Emphasis on the past tense of "aspiring concept artist." That ship sailed when I just couldn't drum up enough skills to even get a polite rejection letter from video game production companies. Reality has set in again, and what I've realized is that what one is called is completely morpheus. It often depends on what one spends their time doing, or how they make their living. This is for good reason- for I could call myself a great many things until I was blue in the face, but until one does something that is by its very nature attributed to the title one calls oneself, there is no reason to believe that the individual actually is what they profess to be. So, I myself am making an attempt to only call myself what I am, as I am this moment- not who I want to be. There's a lot of work between me and the titles I wish to be called, and I know I'll have to earn the right to call myself __________________.
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United States
I am a traditionally educated artist currently living in Dallas, TX. For now, I work as a graphic artist in order to pay the bills.
Ideally, I want to establish a creative team, producing graphic novels and other literature. I hope to one day self-publish my work, and aid others in doing so as well.

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Sir I do believe your deviantID very creepy. It leads me to believe you've been hanging around the Elder Gods a little too much. Also i'm curious as to if you have to brush your teeth anymore or maybe your face tentacles?
PirateYouth Featured By Owner Jun 22, 2013  Professional General Artist
No, not really, just hanging out with my oods. :)
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Ferdinandd Featured By Owner Jun 15, 2010  Student
I really like your work too. ;)
PirateYouth Featured By Owner Jun 15, 2010  Professional General Artist
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i like ur DA id!!
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